New bill to give land to Mayem residents

New bill to give land to Mayem residents: CM

PANAJI: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday announced that the government will introduce and pass a bill in the forthcoming assembly session that will give residents of Mayem the ‘benefits of total liberation’.
A draft bill will be placed in public domain within a month for public comments, Parrikar said in his liberation day speech at Campal, prompting the Mayem Nagarik Kruti Samiti ( MNKS) to withdraw its chain hunger strike in Panaji.
The new legislation will empower the state to acquire land in Mayem and hand it over to the people with a clear title.
Parrikar said most of the land in Mayem stands in the name of the government. He said the problem arises as some people claim ownership over it as it has been in their family even before the Portuguese came to Goa, and the people of Mayem claim that their land was given to the Conde de Mayem. “I am not going into that…land is in the name of government, except some of it, that land which is in the name of government will be acquired,” Parrikar said.
He said the land acquisition is so as to handover a clear title to the property to the people of Mayem. “Some people may fight cases against those who get that land, so I am clearing the title before the land is given,” he said.
“Any claim of anyone on that property will be wiped out with the law and the land will become of the government. Then we can allot the land to the people of Mayem as compensation,” he said. With this the people of Mayem need not fight cases in court over any counter claim as any claim will have to be made with the government and the government may settle it either directly, through the court or reject the claim.
The chief minister said there would be a mechanism in place, such as a tribunal, where Mayem residents will have to stake their claim once the law comes into force.
Parrikar said even after 52 years of liberation from Portuguese rule, residents of Mayem are still deprived of their rights as their land comes under the Evacuee Property Act.


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