Residents object to airport expansion CO

Residents object to airport expansion

COIMBATORE: Apprehensive over the new plan of Airports Authority of India (AAI) to acquire 1566 acres for Coimbatore airport expansion that is under consideration, residents of SIHS Colony in the city on Monday came to the collectorate to voice their dissent.
Marudachalam, president of the committee against airport expansion, said that ever since the new plan was revealed by AAI, thousands of people living in the vicinity of the airport are living in fear.
“It would be disastrous if the new proposal is approved as several buildings including thousands of houses would have to be cleared,” he said.
The original plan requires only 613 acres and presently the state government has already notified around 120 acres. According to AAI, to cope with the future traffic demand there should be parallel runways and for this revised plan 1566 acres of land will be required.
Both the farmers and industries have urged the governments to stick to the original plan as the new plan is not feasible and will invite public outcry and legal hurdles.
Residents say it will not be possible for the authorities to clear thousands of houses, hundreds of acres of farmlands and other structures for the airport expansion. Moreover, with the land acquisition Act scheduled to come into force from January 2014 it is said that huge amount of compensation has to be paid to the landowners making it impracticable.


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