Encroachments on varsity land noticed fo

Encroachments on varsity land noticed for the first time

AIPUR: The pieces of land allotted to Rajasthan University and its affiliated colleges have shrunk. The unchecked encroachment by government and private parties has reduced the size of RU premises from 364 acres to 344 acres. Rajasthan and Commerce College were spread in 65 and 30 acres of land in 1962 and at present they occupy an area of 57 and 21.70 acres of land respectively, according to an RTI report.
The RU administration has turned a blind eye towards the encroachment done over the years by education department, state housing board, JDA and private parties. A committee constituted by divisional commissioner of Jaipur and former vice chancellor of RU Madhukar Gupta to look into the matter has unearthed that various portions of possessed land is not in university records.
Since the formation of RU, this is the first time that the committee has superimposed the record of land available with Land and Revenue board of the university and the government. “The site has been demarcated on the land and the basic exercise is to transfer the allotted land on the name of university to put a full stop on further encroachment,” said Gupta, who was the first VC to take a serious view on the issue. The illegal possession of RU land began in 1962 when an additional 157 acres of land was allotted for expansion. The allotted land was at Shanti Path in Raja Park and Jhalana Doongri area.
The total land was divided into three blocks-A, B and C. A-block is towards the Shanti Path and the expansion never happened. In the 90s, state housing board had build houses on nine acres of university land. “Till date no compensation has been given to the RU by the board,” said chief public relations officer, RU Bhupendra Singh Shekawat, who raised the matter in 2006. Since then many committees have been constituted but failed to bring any respite.
Section B and C are located at the Jhalana Doongri side of the university and here JDA had allotted a land to a private run institution. Later, JDA confessed of making a mistake in allotting the land and cancelled the possession. The story doesn’t end here. Time and again the university’s highest body, the syndicate, which has powers to decide on the university land, has awarded the portions of land to private parties in the past. They have given land for installing Indira Gandhi statue, Pandit Badri Prasad Sanskrit Sansthan and a plot on Jawahar Nagar to private parties.


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