‘PMC does not have powers to ban archite

‘PMC does not have powers to ban architects’

PUNE: The Pune Architectural Consultants Association on Friday stated that the civic administration does not have powers to prevent architects from practicing within corporation limits.
A statement issued by the association referred to a recent high court order in a petition filed by architect Sanjeev Gaurishankar Oak challenging a ban on him by the Pune municipal corporation (PMC). The PMC had blacklisted Oak in 2012, preventing him from practicing within city limits.
“The commissioner of the corporation has no power to issue a licence to an architect registered under the Architects Act, 1972, and he has no power to pass any order affecting registration of an architect under the Architects Act, 1972,” the order stated.
The order also stated that the clauses included by the PMC while blacklisting Oak “virtually prevented the petitioner from practicing as an architect in the area of the municipal corporation, which is completely illegal.”
Oak said the decision in this matter had come in November, but he only received the detailed order of the decision on Wednesday. “The ruling will be helpful not just for me, but for the architect community at large,” he told TOI.
Vivek Kharwadkar, head of the building permissions department of the PMC, said he did not have details of the order. “I will study the order on I receive it and take further steps accordingly,” he said.


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