Mohali farmers up in arms against Greate

Mohali farmers up in arms against Greater Mohali Area Development Authority

MOHALI: The farmers and residents of Mullanpur’s Hoshiarpur village in Mohali district are up in arms against the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) for allegedly acquiring their land by giving far less amount in compensation than the actual market value. These farmers also alleged that GMADA has deliberately speeded up the land acquisition process to complete it before January, when the union government’s new land acquisition act comes into force, increasing the compensation amount.
The GMADA is in the last stage of acquiring 310 acres of land for Ecocity 2 project, and an additional 96 acres of land for the project’s extension. According to farmers, they are being paid Rs1.80 crore per acre, which is far below the market price. “GMADA is not even waiting for the new land acquisition act, because they know then they will have to give more money as compensation,” said Rupinder Singh, a resident of Hoshiarpur village, and an affected farmer. “Even the Mohali district court had ordered a compensation of Rs2.32 crore per acre in this case, but the GMADA is giving us only Rs1.80 crore per acre. We either want Rs5 crore per acre, or the GMADA should wait until the implementation of the new land acquisition act,” added Singh.
The villagers said that more than 150 families of the village were affected. “Many people staying in the village will get affected. Such injustice to the people of our village is totally unacceptable,” added another resident of Hoshiarpur village. However, GMADA officials claimed that they will be giving approximately Rs1.90 crore to the landowners. Sanjeev Kumar, estate officer, GMADA, said: “The value of the land is decided by the District Land Price Fixation Committee, which is sent to the cabinet sub-committee for approval and the final decision. We have appealed in the high court and have challenged the value declared by the district court, which is not justified. By the time the new Land Acquisition Act comes into force and gets implemented, it would be too late, and we cannot delay our work.”


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